Our people

Everyone at Kino brings something unique to the table. But we all have one goal in common – to do great work. This is at the heart of our commitment to creating, shaping and managing effective branding and communications for our clients. Meet some of the people that make it happen...

Andrew Bignell

Creative & Account Director, Founder

Focusing on the strategic aspects of branding and communications, Andrew’s role is to understand and help develop a client’s positioning and future direction then use this insight to guide agency output. Over the last 30 years, he has worked with many iconic organisations helping to build powerful, robust outcomes for their brands.

Andy Stanfield

Creative & Account Director, Founder

Over the past three decades, Andy’s attention to detail has become legendary. He firmly believes that if you understand the detail at the start of a project, everything else will follow. His ability to bring clarity to even the most complex and multi-faceted communication challenges has always been at the very core of Kino's philosophy.

David Richards

Creative Director

Responsible for the design output of the studio, Dave is a master in steering multiple client concepts while delivering the creativity and clarity that have become Kino trademarks. Having nearly 18 years' industry experience he always relishes developing unique and completely ownable ideas, something he believes is the most fundamental part of any project.

Kate Coley

Account Manager

Kate provides a steadfast point of contact between clients and the Kino team. From the initial briefing to concept development, execution and implementation, Kate helps keep the client appraised of progress. So, no matter how complex a project, clients are always informed, in control and in good hands.